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Welcoming and well appointed indoors

Pentonwarra started life as a shepherd's cottage and was extended bit by bit in the early 20th century, nestling it into the cliffs.  As a result, it has an organic, warren-like feel that more recent renovation and redecoration haven't obscured.  The living space is comfortable and spacious, but it still feels tucked away and cosy, even in the face of Atlantic storms.


Beautiful and private outdoors

Pentonwarra occupies its own private headland between Rocky Beach and Trevone Bay.  It's so close to the sea that even the coast path has to go around it!  That means the garden combines privacy with glorious views—of the sea, the horizon, the beaches, the surfers and swimmers, and of nightly stunning sunsets.  There is a large lawn, ample outdoor furniture, a barbecue, a heated outdoor shower, and a little 'nook' in which to sit peacefully and look out over the rocks.  Light pollution is minimal, too, so on clear nights the stars are spectacular.